Smooth Paragliding Bliss

by Wyatt
(Tempe, AZ, U.S.A.)

I haven't flown the 2007 Ozone Buzz Z but I have flown the 2009 Buzz Z and it's an absolute dream. I've kited five wings (three of the others were DHV 1s) and the Buzz Z is absolutely superior to the other four. It lifts into the power zone smoothly and predictably and seems to want to remain aloft with little to no input, as opposed to other wings (UP Kantega in particular) which need constant, masterly input in order to stay overhead.

My experience with the Ozone Buzz Z verifies others' reports that the controls are quite elastic. This could be a bad thing for those who enjoy more input from their wing, but I found it to be relaxing. Turns are extremely smooth and predictable, and landings are beautifully calm when you time the flare right.

The wing exhibited no behaviors during my three flights with it which would warrant a DHV 1-2 rating. In fact, its superior kiting characteristics make it the safest wing I've ever flown. The Ozone Buzz Z is highly recommended!

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Good info
by: Tim P.

I bet there's plenty of safety-conscious beginners out there who are thinking about a new wing.. After reading your post, they might lean towards the new Buzz Z! Thanks for the valuable info.

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