SOL Ellus 2

by Skyhawk

Despite moving up to a Synergy 3 (which is amazing) I really miss my old SOL Ellus 2. Have had a shot on the Ellus 3 and in my opinion it's lost the magical quality of the 2. I don't think I have ever flown a wing which is just as happy 20 kilos overweight on a paramotor as it is in 8 mps thermals.

One of the best wings ever in my opinion. I have been flying for 8 years and do mainly x/c in eastern Europe. But when I'm home in Scotland, I generally motor.

The SOL Ellus 2 is a mid to high end DHV 1-2 and is certainly not a beginner wing. However when you have gone as far as you can with a DHV 1 or low end 1-2 then this might be your wing.

Quality is A1 but the service is this country sucks. Buy one in Europe or USA if possible as you'll not be a victim of the outrageous price fixing that goes on. You won't get a discount here and the importer does nothing for the SOL brand here which is a real shame. SOL should get someone who is prepared to market the product.

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by: Kestrel

When I raved-up my Sport4 in these pages, I dissed my old Ellus a wee bit - not in it's flying performance, but on my high-shifty-wind inflations with it.

I should qualify what I said by noting my nerve damaged legs: a more 'able-bodied' pilot wouldn't have had as much trouble as I.

It is a great wing and much under-valued.

by: Tim P.

Thanks for your thoughts and tips Skyhawk - handy for anyone looking at a SOL wing.

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