SOL Paragliders

With all the talk of how 'European' the sport of paragliding is, SOL Paragliders have made quite a splash from another corner of the world entirely. The factory is located in Jaraguá do Sul, North East of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil.

As at 2005 SOL was, and probably still is, the only South American company to specialize in the manufacturing of paragliding equipment. They were founded in 1991.

Initially, the company partnered with several other companies in order to put together all the components required for their glider designs. By 1995, they had moved to a 2000 square meter (21,500 square feet) facility in Jaraguá do Sul.

As of 1999, SOL had its own testing and development facilities. In common with other top paragliding companies, they source top quality materials from all over the world.

In 2004, the whole range of wings was certified by DHV. In effect they had 'made the big time'.

By 2005, SOL employed 75 people including 12 pilots.

Quality and accuracy of production are on-going concerns for this top-ten paragliding company, and they are always looking to keep their factory machinery and equipment up to date.

Considering the relatively recent DHV certification, it's remarkable that the SOL name pops up so much when you go surfing the web for paragliding information.


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