Swing Mistral - Perfect Wing 4 Me

by Werner Gust
(Gnodstadt, Germany)

Had a Swing Arcus 1 for over 8 years so it was time to look around for a new babe.

Because of my very good experience with Swing it was clear to try some new wings from them.

I tested a Swing Mistral 5.28 in Villeneuve for a whole week end.

This wing gave me a 1,5h flight at first flight and a 2,5 h the next day :-).

In thermals it was a bit different than my Arcus, had much more live, but it was easy to control.

Sometimes the wing-ends came in, which had no influence during the flight and it released as quick as it came in.

Starting backward is very easy, forward also, but the wing seems to need a bit of brake input to take off without running 2 much.

Landing the Swing Mistral is also very relaxed.

Had a lot of fun with big wing-overs and spirals. The wing needs a little active control, but was easy for me as a non-professional holiday paraglider pilot to control.

It ended up that I put in an order to Swing.

My new Mistral in red is now here and I've had about 20 flights of fun with it.

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Lively New Wing
by: Tim P.

Nice review Werner. Sort of reminds me of stepping into a single-seater for the first time, back in my gliding days. More roll-rate, more pitchy. I was glad to leave the 2-seater barge behind!

Your name also reminds me of a great German sailplane pilot I once met - Hans Werner-Grosse! I wonder if he has ever launched in a paraglider...

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