The Niviuk Hook 2

Great wing. The Niviuk Hook 2 is my first wing and it is really stable and turns on a dime. I am up to 60 hrs on it and flying most days and it is friendly and has good performance. It out-glides my mate's older high DHV 1-2. Well put together. Launches quickly and stable.

Nice lines, not too thin to catch on stones (like some of the Ozones).

Good speed range on bar and fast turns.

Friendly in the mountains or on ridge. I would recommend the Niviuk Hook 2 for a learner with good ground handling skills as it will keep your interest and allow progression without a spanking.

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Niviuk Hook . . . then the Artik II
by: Dan Bruce

For future reference . . .

My first wing was the original Niviuk Hook, and it was a great choice. Perfect for the new pilot as he/she develops skills. Very stable, as mentioned, yet quite responsive when you want to make some moves.

And, yes, quality rugged construction. Can beat on it as you do lots of ground handling, and it holds up well.

I made the move to the Artik II once the Hook started to feel a little slower than what I wanted in turns, and on bar. It was a great choice for XC and comps. The Artik gives a lot more feedback, which was daunting at first, but now I don't even notice the difference. It does everything that I wished the Hook would do.

When you find yourself wanting a little better glide, quicker turns, and increased speed . . . demo the Niviuk Artik II and it might be your next wing in your flying evolution.

Warm regards,

by: Tim P

No need to be shy about leaving your name - but thanks anyway for that handy post!

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