The Raven The Beak The Squawk

by Adam
(Cheltenham, UK)

The Raven

The Raven

First impression I felt spoilt. Nice comfortable handles and little toggles. Beautifully designed image of the Firebird logo printed in green/black/grey. Other colours available. Seen a nice blue and orange one, one off design up for saleby the stockist. Have one for sale 1600.00 ono tel:07413511801

Anyway noticed a bit of a faff with the lines and handles as not been flying for a while and the magnets on each riser glued together when reverse launching did think possibly removing them if it becomes an issue and putting different ones on but I'm sure it just needs getting used too. Then again, you wouldn't want them sticking to each other during a collapse and encouraging a twist. Sods law and all that but they obviously pull apart. Wondering if all gliders have this issue due to the invent of magnetic handles?

I'm comparing it to my Sigma 8 (which is now for sale 500.00 has 200secs on fabric still plenty of life left) that has plastic pipe cleaner bent leading edge shaping rather than the old mylar cut profiles which need special attention when packing as they do end up getting creased bent and miss shaped, if not looked after. Also the Raven has no sand velcro vents to allow dirt out. A bit disappointed.

As for flying... The lines are quite thick near the pilot then unsheathed on the upper canopy lines, inflates no problem if you know what yer doing. Finding the stabilizer line took me a while but it's red so not so bad I think! Will have to check.

I'm flying it on the light end and just doing the smooth stuff these days and it went up to the top of the stack no problem. Seemed to be one of the highest. No rustles or scary moments other than being about 1000ft over the sea! (woolacombe beach)

Wind speed was pretty strong and the hang-gliders were out. Didn't have to use the speed-bar (I'd forgotten it anyway!) but it was probably worth having. Top landed ok in back field. No problem still getting to know the wing really but still admire the art work and fabric has zero porosity I've read somewhere and a special coating. Very shiny and soft just like a ravens feathers...

Oh to be a bird. Also I've noticed it squawks when it's near a hang-glider and also when it's trapped in its bag. It's alive!

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