UP Trango 3 Paraglider

I have a UP Trango 3 paraglider and bought it based upon countless praise from very experienced pilots. I am an expert pilot and have flown for 20yrs. I have never owned a DHV 2-3 or EN D glider before because I can not afford to get hurt.

After receiving this glider I almost immediately went to a safety clinic and threw down. I have done this with all my gliders and it was very predictable and responsive to proper inputs. Big asymmetrics produced very little turn with proper input of course. Full frontals fully accelerated were straight forward and re-inflated quickly. I might add I had an Aspen II that would shrink up and drop until brakes were applied. This glider comes right out like most EN ABCs. So it is an easy to inflate, kite, launch, and fly glider.

The amazing thing is the speed and glide on the speed bar. I am on the upper range and it is fast and solid with full bar and the glide is incredible. I am still trying to get use to it. On glides I arrive much higher than ever expected. It's like flying my hang glider. Just a lot easier to carry.

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by: Tim P.

Thanks for that enthusiastic post about the Trango 3! It will be interesting for others too, to see a post from a more experienced pilot.

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