Volcano Turrialba Costa Rica - Erupted While Flying

by Andres Vargas
(San Jose, Costa Rica)

Flying during a volcanic eruption - lucky day

Flying during a volcanic eruption - lucky day

This photo was taken during a coincidental volcanic eruption of the Mountain Turrialba in Costa Rica by Andres Vargas. It was during one of the first times this volcano has erupted since 1866 (except for some small vent activity since 2006).

The mountain is just under 11,000 feet tall and is about 6 kilometers from our flying site. The flying site is about 50 kilometers from the capital city of San Jose which was covered in ash during this latest event. Fortunately the winds were blowing the ash to the opposite side of the paragliding launch area.

This is a great flying site for "thermal" flying and XC. It is a very beautiful part of the country and makes for a really nice day of flying.

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