Windtech Kali - I wish they'd chosen another name...

by Pablo Verity
(Manchester, UK)

Kali 29 on final to land

Kali 29 on final to land

"She who destroys" isn't valid for the Windtech Kali. I've flown it for five seasons, mostly on the tow. Mine was the last production 29 glider. It arrived not having been test flown (according to the paperwork), but in good condition, nicely presented.

The first real test was at Morrocco, Eagles Nest. A reverse launch, had me stepping off to the side, countering with opposite brake... WTF? No authority at all, due to the REALLY long brake travel, and I got dragged a bit. Ouch. Yes, it's only a 1-2, but I expected better control. An e-mail to Windtech returned the possibility of shortening the brakes by up to 15cm! I shortened them by 6cm, and control has now been fine on the slopes.

It handles all turbulence well, I've never had a moments worry. A 30% tip collapse just whacked out on it's own, with no course change - it came out before I could do anything about it!

An odd thing... pull a tip in (big ear), and it gently turns AWAY from that tip! Weird!

A wrap (or two) on landing is always a good idea with this bugger.

All in all, a good glider, I've always considered the Windtech Kali a good buy.

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What's in a name?
by: Tim P.

Hopefully not too much for this wing! Thanks for those tips Pablo, and for including a pic of the Kali...

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