Windtech Paragliders

Windtech Paragliders has established itself as a leading paraglider manufacturer since the turn of the Millennium. They are based in Gijon, Spain, and have been in existence for about 20 years at this writing.

As is necessary to stay at the top these days, they are committed to excellence in the design and manufacture of paragliders. Windtech is one of those paragliding companies that is not afraid to innovate either, despite the extra costs.

Somebody there must have a good business head, since they are right into marketing paragliding-related merchandise and accessories as well. As the paragliding sport grows and becomes more recognized by the 'man in the street', I'm sure this trend will continue. The younger generation in particular will drive the consumption of paragliding shirts, branded stuff bags and so on. Windtech also do reserve chutes, by the way.

Windtech claim that 'We are becoming known in the most remote parts of the World!'. Well, doesn't that happen to anyone with a half-decent website these days? Sort of funny, it did make me smile!

They must be doing something right since Windtech wings have been flown into top-5 placings at several major competitions.

Such as the Snowdon Paragliding Open in 2004, in Wales, UK. At that meet, 2 British pilots flew their paragliders into 2nd and 4th place. A Windtech Quarx and a Windtech Syncro.

Also, a Windtech Nitro placed first at the Mexican National Championships in 2004, flown by a U.S. pilot.


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