The Windy Day

OK paragliding kids, time for a story about The Windy Day!

Where shall we go today, Flora? says Dirk.

Let's go to the Big Sand Dune! says Flora.

And let's take Nup the dog, too. Ok! says Dirk. Come on Nup! Come here!

See Dirk and Flora and Nup travel to the Big Sand Dune.

See Dirk look up into the sky.

Oooh says Dirk, why is that sea gull flying backwards?

What a funny seagull! says Flora.

The breeze is not too strong here at the foot of the sand dune!

Yes, says Dirk. Not too much breeze here!

See Dirk lay out the paraglider.

Wheee! See Flora's Mac Para Eden 3-22 inflate!

See Flora leave the ground.

See Flora start to climb.

Wheee! You're climbing really fast now! says Dirk.

Why didn't Flora answer?

Oooh! Flora is way way up in the sky!

Where is Flora?

Woof woof! says Nup! Where is Flora?

Come on Nup, says Dirk. Flora got Blown Back!

Let's look behind the Big Sand Dune to find Flora!

Woof! says Nup.

Please Daddy, can you read another story?


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